Ctenopalooza Videos


Mari Luz Hernandez-Nicaise

University of Nice

Revisiting ctenophore nerve and muscle cells                                                                                                    


Tim Jegla

Penn State

Ctenophores, cnidarians and the evolution of neuronal polarity                                                                                


Christian Sardet


From wandering nuclei in Beroe to Tara Oceans expedition                                                                                      


Daniel Sasson

Whitney Lab

Ctene-age wasteland: the influence of light, body size, and self-fertilization on the reproductive output of the sea walnut, Mnemiopsis leidyi


Otto Oliveira

Univesidade Federal do ABC, Brazil

Ctenophora taxonomy: past, present and perspectives for the future                                                                            


Richard Mariita

Auburn University

Bacterial microbiota associated with Mnemiopsis leidyi and on the discovery of novel Staphylococcus species from their stomodeum    


Mya Breitbart

University of South Florida

Discovery, prevalence, and persistence of novel circular single-stranded DNA viruses in the ctenophores Mnemiopsis leidyi and Beroe ovata


Lauren Vandepas

University of Washington

Ctenophore cell culture preparation - methods and potential applications                                                                      


Nathan Whelan

Auburn University

Body plan and lifestyle evolution in Ctenophora                                                                                              


Christine Schnitzler


Evidence of absence in ctenophore genomes and its impact on evolutionary thinking                                                            


Peter Glynn

University of Miami

Ubiquitous but Unseen -- South Florida benthic ctenophores: Some ecological research initiatives                                              


George Matsumoto


Benthic ctenophores: enigmatic, creeping, successful, and an increasing level of diversity                                                    


Gustav Paulay

University of Florida


Casey Dunn

Brown University